Mechanic's Mate CMMS
Asset Maintenance Management Software

  •  Celebrating over 20 years use in a variety of industries and so far, our users have created nearly 1,000,000 work orders.

"Yes, thatís right. Nearly 1,000,000 work orders."

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This trial software permits users to install an actual working version of the software. Users are permitted to input up to ten records per form. There are no time limits with the trial version of the application.

This is quite an accomplishment not only for our customers, but for the product!
Mechanics Mate is simply CMMS software that really works. You can count on Mechanics Mate to get the job doneÖand thatís just not us saying this, the truth is in the numbers and the stability of the software.
A million of nearly anything is a big deal. But when itís work orders, itís really something. We are so proud of our userbase!!!
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It’s simple:
  They told us what they wanted .... and we gave it to them.


Our years of experience coupled with the recommendations of the clients helped us provide a package that is as reliable as it is practical. Our quick start tools include templates to get you going quicker than you would ever imagine: no matter what industry you call home. The list of contributors includes our friends from the refining industry, the healthcare industry, the construction industry, and the manufacturing industry. Consequently, regardless of where you are starting, Mechanic's Mate is the right tool to help you reach your maintenance goals. Mechanic's Mate binds the technical aspects of a quality CMMS system with the practical knowledge and expertise of the trade.

You can concentrate on what you do best

gear imageA healthy CMMS program translates to a healthy operation. Mechanic's Mate is the shortest distance to get there, and we are confident that you will find Mechanic's Mate as useful and reliable as many of our friends in the industry already have.

Our goal in creating Mechanic's Mate was to provide the clearest interface possible so that you can concentrate on what you do best, and without the frustration of endless key strokes. The result is one of the best tools available to optimize your maintenance management control while continuing to value simplicity. Mechanic's Mate is available in multiple languages and is easily customized to your personal tastes at the interface level. You can run many standard reports from within the program. Mechanic's Mate is available as a standalone single user or a multi-computer network.

With Mechanic's Mate you can easily:

  • Track and control your inventory.
  • Automate purchasing features including shipment tracking and receivables.
  • Generate and print work orders for both preventive and corrective maintenance procedures with as few as four keystrokes.
  • Create a reliable database for the equipment you maintain.
  • Schedule and execute a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.
  • Track maintenance personnel training records for company as well as government required training.
  • Attach related documents to your work orders.
  • Easily import your existing information.
  • Find the help you need with an online help feature.

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Mechanic's Mate 5.0 Just Released

New Features in Mechanic's Mate 5.0

  • Digitally signed intallation per Microsoft Authenticode standards
  • Reworked and improved printing capabilities
    • Equipment profile output information improved to include equipment type, by location, and by date range
    • Additional reports
    • Additional graphical reports
    • Export of equipment information to MS Excel
  • A means to archive former employees
  • The ability to launch the CM and PM work order process from the equipment screen
  • A substantial speed increase
  • Installation process is absent the old ".ini" technology and is vastly simpler
  • Screen windows may now be closed with the standard windows close "X" button.
  • Enhanced interface
  • Screen size increased for clarity throughout
  • Internal Consistency Error (error screen) defeated
  • Admin+ report/rescheduling tool embedded within application -- no longer its own installation