What If...?
PHA - Process Hazard Analysis Software for OSHA PSM and EPA Risk Management

Analyze, manage, and report on your Process Hazard Analysis (PHA).
"What If...?" eliminates the frustration out of expensive and time-consuming PHAs.

Note:  The software requires either a 32-Bit Version of Windows or for 64-Bit Systems, it requires Microsoft Virutal PC and Microsoft XP Mode.

Our software provides a user-friendly format for quickly and thoroughly analyzing the process hazards that you deal with every day. In just a few keystrokes, "What if…?" provides you with a galaxy of questions that can be ranked according to risk and frequency. You can use the template question sets as they are, modify them, or build a new question set unique to your situation. Then, with a keystroke, generate reports that can be viewed according to session, status or executive summary.

"What if…?" includes the following :
Professionally written Ammonia Question Set
Professionally written Generic Question Set

"What if…?" is a great tool that helps you to :
Reduce time required to study the scenario
Automate tedious aspects of the PHA
Improve quality and reduce time for conducting the PHA
Generate industry standard reports
Aid in compliance with government Process Safety Management and Risk Management regulations
Create a library of useful "What if…?" questions, hazards, causes, consequences, etc.
Find the help you need with an integrated help feature.
Document team member info, PHA rationale and process information

In Addition:

Many years of experience in the industry coupled with helpful recommendations from our clients has assisted us in providing software that we can confidently claim is as hassle free and reliable as possible. Our clients reside in almost every aspect of the industry, and we know how to help them succeed. That is our industry.

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